Avoid getting boxed in

I have been dealing with in home care for fifteen years.  The most dangerous thing you can do is hire a bunch of people from the same family at the same time. I’ve seen and been in some complicated attendant care stations.  For example if you hire a mother and daughter to take care of you;  it may become problematic when you need to terminate one of them. 

PCA Relationships

I want to talk about getting too close to your caregivers.  I use pca services, so I understand how difficult it can be to stay within professional boundaries. We are very exposed and not just because of our naked bodies; caregivers get to see things in our lives are private for most people.  People with disabilities spend a lot of time with their caregiver, so it becomes easier to share things in confidence.  The unfortunate truth is most caregivers   gossip about their clients to other people.  I feel whenever I tried to be client and friend my care suffered.  Our first responsibility is to ourselves and our care.  We all got to remember that they are being paid to take care of us, not to be our friends.

If you are looking to make friends, try getting involved in community activities. 

My Gimp Survival kit

I think most disable people should have these items on hand.  Velcro one wrap, dura loc Velcro.  Velcro one wrap is great for making loops and cuffs;  dura loc Velcro is great for adhering things to a flat surface.  Loc Line is a flexible material and cheap.