My Greatest Fear

  • my greatest fear is that I will leave this world without  making an impact. my greatest fear is that I will be just some girl in the wheelchair that they used to see getting around someplace. My greatest fear is that I will be remembered for having CP.

I believe there are some things you just can’t pray away

I believe in God, but I also believe that there are some things you just can’t pray away. My personal care attendant said something to the effect of if I would pray to God to heal me, he would heal me. I don’t believe that is the case. I believe sometimes God wants you to experience some painful things so that you will grow in faith. I believe we are born the way we are meant too.  I absolutely believe you can have a belief in God and medicine.   Guess what, I believe people are born gay and it is not a sin. 

Develop an interest

I feel that a lot of people tries to cling to their  personal care assistance, because they lack self interest. I think it is really important to find things to get involved in. If you have trouble dealing with people you can always start your own blog or YouTube channel. I don’t like interacting with people, but I find my blog and YouTube page keep me pretty active. I encourage you to write that book you always wanted to write. 

Atheist have it easy

atheist have it easy, because there are not worried about pleasing god. A spiritual person like me is always feeling like I am  not succeeding in this life at all. I feel by not doing well at life, I’m somehow letting God down. The truth is I thought I could somehow touch people’s lives on here.  I’m always plagued with self doubt  I’m writing this because I want people to know that you can push through your own Self Doubt. 

Whomever controls your finances, controls you

Whomever controls your finances, controls you. The best person to manage your money Is you, but that sometimes cannot happen. The person who controls your finances, should never be your caretaker. Caretakers should never have that much power over their clients. I know it is hard to think of your caretaker as a temporary employee, but that is exactly what they are. I have heard horror stories about Mecca managing people’s money and stealing it. If you use an agency like this, always get a receipt and demand to see a paper trail of your expenses. You have the right to know where your money is going.