On a day like today

on a day like today I wish I Still drink whiskey in the morning, because my leg is killing me. These days it seems like doctors I’m more interested in giving painkillers to addicts, then people who really need them.

One thought on “On a day like today

  1. I tried drinking whiskey for the first time in several years recently and it gave me a case of the gout in my left foot. The gout lasted for a week. It was awful. It is getting better now. At least I can walk again. The doctors are now getting fearful of prescribing pain medication because of the opioid crisis and my fear is that the day will come when people who really need pain meds won’t be able to get them. I’ve already heard of one case where a doctor told a cancer patient to just take some over the counter stuff and to bear the pain like a grown up adult.


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