Be careful when you are doing consumer-direct care…

People who decide to hire their attendant care person directly and use a payroll agency like PPL need to be careful comma because the consumer does not have a lot of protection against neglect or abuse. I know everybody thinks it couldn’t happen to them, but it absolutely could happen to you. What is the big drawbacks to using Direct Care Services is this if you don’t have a good backup in place the payroll agency doesn’t have to find you a replacement, because they are just a payroll agency. Let’s say your attendance start coming in later and she puts on her timesheet that she was there all day , what will you do? If you have a Stamper like most of us do, she can just stamp their own timesheets. What will you do when they start playing on your emotions? Allow me to do very little work because I am your emotional support. I am your friend when nobody else wants to be your friend. Sometimes it PCA will try to take over the whole situation like they are running the show instead of you. You will be in a position where you have to ask for permission just to live your own life. From a PCA perspective what will you do when your client ends up in the hospital or another PCA Sadducees your client away from you. A lot of PCA that need hours will try to seduce other clients from their Pca’s. They will point out all the things that person does it do for you, and all the things that can do better for you. Sometimes they are correct, but most times it’s just hype.


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