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Three times the charm

Today One of my four points broke on my seatbelt, so I attempted to get a script from the doctor. By the way when the nurse from hell answered I knew it was going to be a bitch getting the script I need it. She kept arguing about the order in which things had to be there and I told her the wheelchair company said the opposite. I would like to point out this always happens with this particular nurse. They are the nurses and Dr. H is ood about getting Scripps but this nurse is a raging bitch. When I attempted to call a second time the same nurse answered, so I hung up and tried again. The third nurse was completely understanding and sympathetic about my dilemma.

Be careful when you are doing consumer-direct care…

People who decide to hire their attendant care person directly and use a payroll agency like PPL need to be careful comma because the consumer does not have a lot of protection against neglect or abuse. I know everybody thinks it couldn’t happen to them, but it absolutely could happen to you. What is the big drawbacks to using Direct Care Services is this if you don’t have a good backup in place the payroll agency doesn’t have to find you a replacement, because they are just a payroll agency. Let’s say your attendance start coming in later and she puts on her timesheet that she was there all day , what will you do? If you have a Stamper like most of us do, she can just stamp their own timesheets. What will you do when they start playing on your emotions? Allow me to do very little work because I am your emotional support. I am your friend when nobody else wants to be your friend. Sometimes it PCA will try to take over the whole situation like they are running the show instead of you. You will be in a position where you have to ask for permission just to live your own life. From a PCA perspective what will you do when your client ends up in the hospital or another PCA Sadducees your client away from you. A lot of PCA that need hours will try to seduce other clients from their Pca’s. They will point out all the things that person does it do for you, and all the things that can do better for you. Sometimes they are correct, but most times it’s just hype.

Beware of people who exaggerate their credentials

Right now I have a PCA that is exaggerating her credentials. I believe this woman is a pathological liar. This woman says she is a nurse and has special credentials in trek  care and feeding tube care. She also claims she used to drive for the emta lift service, which is our door to door bus service. You mean to tell me you have all these credentials, but you taken a job as a professional ass wiper. This weekend she told me that she could not work for me , because her back hurts from the accident that she got into with the company van. I naturally called the company to find out more about this accident and her injuries and they said that the van has not been driven for a while and there are no reported accidents. This lady also Clans to know the company director and he has stated then he does not know her and does not have any personal communication with her. Since day one she has claimed to have Tim’s personal number , but he has stated that he would never give his personal number out to anyone.

Do Not Have These Conversations…

I feel that one biggest problems in dealing with personal caregivers, you can never be honest about how you feel.  If you tell your personal caregiver they are not your friend, they act all wounded, but when you act as their friend you must have an attachment disorder.  Don’t ever tell your caregiver that you get lonely, because they will look at you like a sexual criminal.   

Dress for Winter

If you have a molded seating system, than you want to add warmth without bulk.  Your best bet is  to invest in some fleece  and thermal shirts .  They even got thermal pants.  You can get a thick long poncho instead of a jacket.  A poncho is easier to put on than a jacket.   You can put leg warmers over your arms for warmth.  Large socks are easier to pull over the hand than gloves or mittens.

Don’t fall for the fake friendship

A lot of personal care assistants will try to fake a friendship with you, so they can avoid doing actual work. This will make taking care of you harder on the person coming in behind them. You need to remember that they are there because they’re getting paid to be. A lot of  Pca’s  start to feel burnt out because their clients expects them to hang out with them all the time. This can cause resentment with both parties. Personal care assistance will point out all the reasons why your other staff is it taking care of you right, just so they can get the hours. In this field pca’s are always trying to gain more hours. Sometimes it’s more  convenient to start drama with the client you already have and coworkers,  so they don’t have to go find another client.

Develop an interest

I feel that a lot of people tries to cling to their  personal care assistance, because they lack self interest. I think it is really important to find things to get involved in. If you have trouble dealing with people you can always start your own blog or YouTube channel. I don’t like interacting with people, but I find my blog and YouTube page keep me pretty active. I encourage you to write that book you always wanted to write. 

Wedged in

Sometimes I feel that the people in the higher positions in these in-home care agencies take advantage of most in home caregivers by giving them low wages, because they view them as an uneducated class of people. Most of the people in this field are working class mothers who are struggling to make ends meet. Most of these women are single mothers who only have a high school diploma or GED, so the job prospects are slim pickings. These caregivers should be elevated not degraded. I’m a firm believer in you get what you pay for. We do ask these caregivers to do a lot of things most people would not do.

Avoid getting boxed in

I have been dealing with in home care for fifteen years.  The most dangerous thing you can do is hire a bunch of people from the same family at the same time. I’ve seen and been in some complicated attendant care stations.  For example if you hire a mother and daughter to take care of you;  it may become problematic when you need to terminate one of them.