What I’ve come to learn is…

What I’ve come to learn is that is small victories. Life is better when you compete against yourself, instead of others.

An act of kindness

Yesterday I went to the pharmacy to get some body wash and a prescription refilled and the lady in the next line paid for my stuff. The crazy part was that I had to borrow money just to get those two things and here I didn’t even need to. May God repay her act of kindness in her time of need.

What depression is to me

Depression is nothing more than the enemy trying to steal you’re light and connection to God. The devil wants to where you down like a deer; he wants to where you down before he goes in for The Kill. The Devil wants to fill your brain constant negativity, so he can kill your spirit. That’s why the Devil put these negative thoughts on a constant loop.

Words Are Weapons

We all have an internal dialogue with ourselves about ourselves constantly throughout the day.  The fact is that most people can more easily believe something negative about themselves.  A positive notion needs constant repetitive reinforcement.  A negative notion will turn your brain into a broken record stuck on repeat.  The stones you cast towards a person has the potential effect the person’s personal truth about themselves.  Words are weapons and when you fire them carelessly, you can emotionally kill them for a  lifetime from one moment.  Words can inspire suicidal thoughts and actions.

         Depression is like having a very loud drill-sergeant in your head telling you that you are worthless 24-7. Imagine everything you ever thought negative about yourself repeating over and over again. Most of us never stop to think what another person might be going though.  Words are often chosen thoughtlessly.