My new book is coming out soon

The demon in me is my new book. If you like paranormal creepy stuff, this is for you …

It will be available on Kindle. I hope I can count on your support. Here’s a look at the cover art. not the best Photoshop job, but I am very new to Photoshop.

If you want to support this blog or me you can send any money you like to my PayPal

God’s perspective (poem)

God’s perpective
My children would rather listen R&B song,
That perverts my bible verse,
They cannot sit in a pew,
To give me what I’m due,
They think I ask too much, because I ask them to be true
Like I got nothing better to do,
So I grant every whim,
Forgive every sin,
Then watch you do in again,
Can’t pay my tides,
But I’m suppose to forgive your lies,
And all your crimes,
You give the enemy a foothold,
You been told not to,
But you think he cool,
He is never there for you,
He has done horrible things to you,
I’m the one who created you.

My poetry

My poetry may be too dark for some, but it’s how I do with the negativity that builds up inside of me. Writing is the healthiest way to Purge all of these negative emotions.