New Poem


What depression is to me

Depression is nothing more than the enemy trying to steal you’re light and connection to God. The devil wants to where you down like a deer; he wants to where you down before he goes in for The Kill. The Devil wants to fill your brain constant negativity, so he can kill your spirit. That’s why the Devil put these negative thoughts on a constant loop.

I’ve done something I haven’t done in a while

Today was the first day I went to Elevate Church in Erie for a long time. I’ve been feeling depressed and spiritual off for a long time. I just kept hearing this little voice inside my head call me back to Elevate Church. I like to call nose moments connecting with God. It’s like God himself is taking time out of his day just to talk to you. I don’t know where I am in my life, but I am more convinced than ever somehow my job is to help people. I am truly convinced that the only reason why we’re here no matter what condition or circumstance, we are here to help one another on our Journeys. Now I know I’m not the most successful writer, blogger or YouTuber on the planet, but I am putting forth an effort

Atheist have it easy

atheist have it easy, because there are not worried about pleasing god. A spiritual person like me is always feeling like I am  not succeeding in this life at all. I feel by not doing well at life, I’m somehow letting God down. The truth is I thought I could somehow touch people’s lives on here.  I’m always plagued with self doubt  I’m writing this because I want people to know that you can push through your own Self Doubt. 

I think what God wants…

I think what God wants is for us to turn the cards that fate dealt us into something positive.  Just because some people are born disabled or become disabled doesn’t mean he does not love you.  There are days where I do not feel like being an inspiration to others.  I still try to live the best life possible.