A Nifty little Gadget find

Sometimes I would forget to tell my attendance to turn on my floor lamp in the living room and I would be left in the dark. Sometimes I would run and get my neighbor to do it, but I didn’t want to keep bothering him. I found this Nifty little gadgets on Amazon. All you do is plug the little Outlet into an outlet and it comes with a remote. Just remember to switch the lamp in the on position or it will not work. The gadget was only $11. I hope this find is helpful to other people in my predicament.

include your wheelchair and your Halloween costume!

and when I was a child my mother went all out for Halloween. my mother would help me and becoming whatever scary Undead thing I wanted to be and she would always decorate my wheelchairs. She never judge me for being too gory or creepy. One year I had a tombstone with bloody hands take to my headrest and black and orange streamers and my wheels and that cobweb stuff all over my tray.