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Words Are Weapons

We all have an internal dialogue with ourselves about ourselves constantly throughout the day.  The fact is that most people can more easily believe something negative about themselves.  A positive notion needs constant repetitive reinforcement.  A negative notion will turn your brain into a broken record stuck on repeat.  The stones you cast towards a person has the potential effect the person’s personal truth about themselves.  Words are weapons and when you fire them carelessly, you can emotionally kill them for a  lifetime from one moment.  Words can inspire suicidal thoughts and actions.

         Depression is like having a very loud drill-sergeant in your head telling you that you are worthless 24-7. Imagine everything you ever thought negative about yourself repeating over and over again. Most of us never stop to think what another person might be going though.  Words are often chosen thoughtlessly.

My relationship with my family today

I talk to my mother frequently, but we never talk about my father or the abuse.  My relationship with my sister is getting better; we text each other more frequently.  I don’t talk to my brothers James or Kevin that much.  I don’t talk to my brother Brian at all,  because he”s just weird.  I talk to my brother Dennis when he answers the phone for my mom.  I will never changed my last name back.

it takes great courage

it takes great courage to break the silence of sexual abuse. Secrets fester in the darkness and you wonder what would happen to your life .  Will anyone believe me and will this destroy my family are just some of the questions victims are faced with every moment of the abuse.  A tremendous amount of guilt and shame is attached to sexual abuse,  as well as emotional abuse.

I’m excited about Halloween

  • Everytime I think of Halloween, I remember how my mom would help me decorate my chair to go with whatever costume I was wearing. And it didn’t matter how   gruesome I was people always thought I was  cute. That used to really irritate me. I always thought myself a really dark creepy kind of person. I guess that’s why I really love Halloween, because it’s the only thing me and my mom ever did together.